Macecall Sponsorship program

We are thrilled to receive your support, and we hope you will consider a long-term commitment and the privilege of changing the trajectory and making a lifelong impact in the life of a child/children.

Support Options

Sponsorship Amount: $40 (Ksh. 4,000) per month / $480 (Ksh. 48,000) per year

Your sponsorship will cover:

Education Level No. of Students Annual Total  Annual  Per Child 
(in 2021) Ksh. USD Ksh. USD
Primary School 53  364,800 3,648 6,883 69
Secondary School  9  417,600 4,176 46,400 464
College/University 7  462,500 4,625 66,071 661

School children

School fees and uniforms are one of our largest expenses. Can you help us keep children in school?

Monthly Operational Support

Description Ksh. USD
Food 60,000 600
Toiletries, Household, Office and General Supplies 40,000 400
Electricity, Water and Fuel (Firewood) 25,000 250
Direct Staff & Management Salaries – 15 Employees  at the Child Center, Student Hostel, and Farm 250,000 2,500

      Macecall family with food donations

      Financial support and donations for daily needs such as food is much appreciated!

      Child Sponsors Will Receive:

      • A photo and brief biography of your sponsored child
      • Bi-annual updates on the child, including:
        • A personal letter and/or drawing from your sponsored child
        • A progress report
        • Other notes, pictures, drawing etc
      • Bi-annual newsletter about Macecall Children’s Mission program
      • The gift of giving…you have made a profound difference in the life of a child.

      Writing Letters



      Children love to learn about their sponsors! Our children immensely enjoy reading letters and receiving photos of you and your family. Please send letters to:
      Macecall Children’s Mission
      P.O. Box 199-60200

      Visiting Macecall Children’s Mission

      We look forward to welcoming our visitors. Our Mission is located on the outskirts of Meru town on the eastern slopes of Mt. Kenya approximately 300 km North East of Nairobi – the capital city of Kenya. As you plan your visit, please contact us in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements to receive you.

      Visiting Guidelines

      If you plan on giving gift items, please consider bringing gifts that can be shared among many children, and enquiring with the Manager for the home’s current needs. Visitors are allowed to take photos of the children, the staff and our home.